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New Program Added

CrossFit Unloaded added to the schedule.

Although we feel that weight training is very important and encourage you to add it your fitness tool box, we realize that heavy weights and barbells are intimidating and may not be what you are looking for at this time. New World CrossFit “Unloaded” program utilizes the high intensity, fat burning, metabolic effects of traditional the CrossFit methodology, to give you a great workout in a fun and inviting environment. You will leave your class feeling energized, invigorated and ready to tackle your day.

What makes CrossFit “Unloaded” different than your traditional boot camp workout that you find at other gyms? Smart workouts using proven CrossFit methods, knowledgeable, caring coaches who are continually educating themselves to better the service they offer, all set in a family friendly gym that will keep you accountable and coming back for more.

Classes are 55 minutes long and will include a thorough warm-up, mobility and stretching work, and a blood pumping, sweat dripping workout. All classes are led by one of our expert coaches from class start to finish, ensuring you are getting a safe, fun, and effective workout.

Just like our main classes CrossFit Unloaded is for everyone and can be scaled to any and all fitness levels. These classes are especially for:

  • Beginners who are interested in our CrossFit program but want to build up some conditioning and basic strength first.
  • Those that are tired of the globo gyms and want the variety and intensity of CrossFit without the heavy or technical lifts.
  • CrossFit athletes who need a break from barbell lifting.
  • CrossFit athletes coming back after taking time off.
  • Individuals who have an injury that prevents them from lifting heavy weight but still want to get in shape.